Star Destroyer Keyring

Star Destroyer Keyring
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Star Destroyer Keyring
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There are a lot of cool ships in the Star Wars universe, and each one requires a different key to start it. But what if you're in a hurry and bring the wrong key into the wrong ship? At least, that would be embarrassing; at most, it would be deadly. So, for our most important ships, we've attached a corresponding Star Wars Ship Replica Keychain to the key. That way, we know instantly which key to grab.

Each one of the Star Wars Ship Replica Keychains is made of solid steel alloy. Using digital files provided by Lucasfilm, these ships are super-accurate scaled down versions. Which is good, because if these Star Wars Ship Replica Keychains were life-sized, they wouldn't fit in our pockets as easy. Unless we had really big pockets.

Product Specifications

  • Three ships from Star Wars - in tiny keychain versions!
  • Choose from: Millennium Falcon, Slave I, or Star Destroyer
  • Made using official digital files from Lucasfilm
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars keychains
  • Materials: Solid Steel Alloy
  • Dimensions: approx. 2" long

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